Cucumber Face Mask — Mrs. Nadia Younis from Lebanon Nadia combines the best of modern French beauty treatments with the ancient Middle Eastern secrets learned from her mother and grandmother. Mashed cucumber makes a very good face mask She says milk is one of the best skin treatments available and uses it to wash her face, using no soap, and rinsing afterwards with clean water. She often goes without cosmetics but when her face is made up, she cleanses it with conventional creams. Nadia’s olive skin is typical of women from the Middle East. Contrary to many women throughout the world, the Lebanese usually prefer to have a whiter skin. Milk is thought to lighten the skin tone. “Mashed cucumber makes a very good face mask, as do raw potatoes, sliced and placed on your face while you rest. Your skin feels tight and clean after both these treatments,” Nadia says. Part 5

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