Powder Versus Liquid Foundation


Which is best for my skin type?

When it comes to wearing makeup, many women wear either liquid, cream or powder foundation makeup to even out their skin tone and give it a smoother look. Some people wear it every day and others will wear it just for special occasions. Since this is considered a beauty staple, it’s important to purchase the right kind of foundation that is most compatible with your skin type so you can get the best benefits from the product you choose.


Who’s it’s best for: Normal and dry skins, and those who like a dewy look to the skin.

Benefit to the skin: Liquid foundations can fill in lines, wrinkles and pores, making them less noticeable so the skin appears smoother and they do also provide excellent coverage. They also help to create a layer of protection to help retain moisture in the skin, especially in drying environments like the winter months and flying.

What to look for: There have been amazing advancements in liquid foundations, so there are many good ones available. Look for one that is lightweight and contains the ingredients dimethicone or silicone, as they do an excellent job in making the skin look exceptionally smooth. A liquid make up should also contain sunscreen to give added anti-ageing protection.

What to avoid: Ingredients such as mineral oil, petrolatum and isopropyl palmitate may cause clogged pores in the skin due to size of the molecular structure and the heavy, oily texture they can give – especially when used in large quantities and listed as the first few ingredients of the formula.


Who it’s best for: Normal, oily, combination, sensitive and acne prone skin, and those who don’t like to feel anything heavy on their skin.

Benefit to the skin: Powder foundations generally shouldn’t have a pore clogging effect since they aren’t occlusive on the skin, and since powders have oil-absorbing properties, they can lessen shine during the day…

What to look for: I suggest mineral-based powders since they give a smoother, luminous look to the skin and usually have SPF-protecting properties. They also don’t settle into fine lines and wrinkles as much as talc-based powders.

What to avoid: Talc-based powders, as these may accentuate lines and wrinkles and give a chalky, dull look to the skin.


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