Natural Room Scent Jars

natural-scent-centerpieces-and-giftsToday I came across these amazing room scents and just had to share with every one.  Hope you like them as much as I do.

Center pieces for guests to take home. Use these scented jars in the center of tables or to decorate a buffet table or entry way. When your party guests leave, offer them one of the jars as a gift to take home. You can tie them with a ribbon to jazz them up a bit. Or, place a floating candle on top to add even more atmosphere to your table.

1) scented jar (I prefer the one with oranges, cinnamon and cloves–that one has good staying power)

2) mini crock pot — here are two compact sizes that work well:
16 oz. mini slow cooker –holds a single batch–compact & economical–removable insert for easy cleaning; this is the size I use for regularly simmering scented water in my kitchen and is a great size for gift giving, too. It holds one jar of scented water like the one pictured below.
1-1/2 qt. small slow cooker  –holds a double or triple batch of scented water–removable insert for easy cleaning; the larger size doesn’t have to be refilled as often.

3) oranges (or other citrus), a bundle of cinnamon sticks, vanilla beans, maybe some additional spices–that way they’ll have what they need to make more batches

4) the recipe card with instructions

Combine that in a basket, tie it with a pretty bow, and you’ve got yourself one fabulous, unique, sweet-smelling gift!


You can make scented gift jars ahead and…

  • …store in the fridge. Uncooked jars of scented waters will keep in the fridge for 1 to 2 weeks, so you can make these ahead to have on hand or for gift giving. I recommend adding all of the ingredients, including the water, to the jars before refrigerating them. I’ve tried refrigerating the fruit/spice/herb combos in jars without the water, but they don’t last as long that way.
  • …freeze them.  I’ve tried freezing them both with and without the water added, and both ways work fine. I haven’t tested them in the freezer longer than 3 weeks, but I’m confident that they can be frozen for a month or longer. Make sure you use freezer-safe jars like these pint wide-mouth mason jars. (Not all mason jars are freezer-safe.) I like to useplastic jar lids. If you add water to the jars before freezing them, make sure you leave at least 3/4″ at the top to allow for expansion when it freezes.
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