How to Cut your Beauty Routine in Half


Moisturise. The key to looking done up without the doing up, is having clean, fresh and glowing skin. How? moisturise, moisturise, moisturise.

Dry shampoo. When you get up in the morning, washing, blowdrying and styling your hair can seem like a challenge of Olympic proportions. To avoid the fuss, dust your hair with some dry shampoo and style with your fingers. Tip For a sexy messy look, apply the dry shampoo before going to bed

Conceal. Don’t have time for a full face of make up? Just dab some concealer underneath your eyes and on problem spots, blend and go. TIP: Put a little in the corner of your eyes next to your nose to widen your eyes.

Blush. To brighten your face easily and quickly, add a swipe of blush over the apples of your cheeks. TIP: Pick a bright pink for a healthy glow.

Lipstick. If you’ve got a beautiful bright lipstick on, people are will focus on this and not the rest of your face. TIP: Slick some gloss over the top for a nice shine.


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