Lip Liner

Going Overboard with Lip Liner when you are older.
A lip liner can define your lips and prevent color from feathering into any lines around the mouth—but choose one very carefully. If you line your lips too heavily, or with a color that’s too dark, they’ll look tight and pursed. For the most natural effect, your lip liner should match the color of your lips, not the color of your lipstick. Choose a creamy formula that won’t adhere to any dry patches, and use it to fill in your lips entirely, so it wears evenly.
Pale Fuchsia Automatic Lip liner emphasises the contours of your lips with exceptional precision and it brings out the natural beauty of your lips. It contains intensively nourishing waxes. It is waterproof. Twist to open… twist to close. It has a built-in sharpener.
It matches Pale Fuchsia Extra Rich Lipstick.



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