15 Products Every Woman Should Own Part 1


No 1 Make up Primer

Primer is an absolute must for every make up bag. Primers create the perfect canvas for makeup to last all day, while helping skin retain moisture, feel softer and look smoother. It creates a beautiful, even surface to allow foundation to glide onto skin and not sink into pores.  Our Primer contains pearl pigments that add glow to your complexion, conceal imperfections and wrinkles. It absorbs the excess of sebum restoring skin’s natural balance and it deeply moisturises, firms and smooths the skin. It delays the ageing process of the skin. Its delicate pink colour livens up the skin and reduces signs of tiredness. Its velvety and creamy formula makes it easy to spread and so make up stays perfect for longer. It is suitable for every skin type.

el02 (1)

No 2 Eyeliner:

A black liner on the top lash line will create the illusion of fuller, thicker lashes. Our carbon Black Liquid Eyeliner beautifully highlights the eye contour, visually thickens the lashes, and creates anexpressive look. Its perfectly shaped tip guarantees an excellent and easy application. It has a deep, intense colour that offers excellent coverage after one application. It has a capillary dosing system and it is very long-lasting.

m006 (1)

No 3 Mascara: 

Mascara is a must have. It will define your lashes and open up your eyes. Our Phenomenal Mascara Intense Black provides phenomenal results: it lengthens, thickens, precisely separates and curls your eyelashes. It has an advanced formula and an ultra-precise wand that guarantee a panoramic curl effect.


No 4 Brow Shaper

Eyebrows are such an expressive feature and can have a big effect on the overall look of your face, so it’s essential to keep them well-shaped. Our Eyebrow Set is to provide the desired shape of eyebrows and emphasise their colour. The powder colours have been selected so that they harmonise with any type of beauty. The brow bone highlighter gently illuminates the eye and makes it seem bigger and full of light. The wax preserves the eyebrow shape. The powders can be also applied to the eyelids as eye shadows.


No 5 Hydrating Mist

Whether you have oil-prone or dry skin, all women must moisturise. Most women apply moisturizer in the morning and think it’s enough to last the day. But the skin needs constant hydration. A hydrating mist throughout the day will keep your skin dewy and refreshed.  Our Make Up Setting Spray is in the form of light moisturising mist. During the day it will refresh your face and add glow to it. It creates an invisible light film that protects make-up. Thanks to it the skin maintains impeccable look for longer without the feeling of stickiness or tightness. It contains
witch hazel water that regulates sebum secretion and reduces the effect of shining skin, sodium lactate which perfectly moisturises the skin, Enantia chlorantha tree bark extract and panthenol that soothe irritations, and vitamin E that reduces harmful effects of sun rays.Preservation and refreshment in one product!




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