Perfect Eyeliner



“Why does eyeliner leave marks in the crease of my eye or smudge underneath my eyes?”
THE ANSWER: You can blame your eyelids for your liner troubles. Hooded eyelids cause your lash lines to smash against your upper eyelids each time you blink, leaving a stamp-like smudge on your skin. And, if your lids are especially oily (hey—it’s not gross; even those with dry skin can have oilier lids), the liner will slowly slide down your face throughout the day.
THE FIX: No, you don’t need to get eyelid surgery to wear #eyeliner—you just need to turn your eyelids into a smooth, dry canvas for #makeup, which means keeping the area free of #moisturizers and eye creams in the morning, then loading up on #primers and powders. First, smooth an eyelid primer over your lids, to create a smooth, #matte base, then dust a translucent loose powder or neutral-toned eyeshadow over your lids to set the primer. Then, and almost as importantly, you need to examine your eyeliner. If you’re using kohl or crayon, which are meant to smudge,swap them for a long-wear #gel eyeliner, then “set” your #liner by dusting the line with #eyeshadow of the same color.
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