Aries Perfume Guide

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Aries Perfume Horoscope

The sun passes through the sign of Aries from March 21 to April 20. If your horoscope sign is Aries, you are bold, cheerful, motivating and inspiring.
Aries is a volcano of energy and expression. The typical ruler at home and at work. Stubborn and incorruptible.
Always strives to achieve his aims. Often takes risks and mostly does not make mistakes. Magical places on your body for the perfumes are your temples.

Magical scent notes:

lotus, jasmine, cinnamon, plum, mandarin, raspberries, vetiver, lychee, peony, magnolia.

Fragrance families for Aries:

floral, citrus

Recommended FM fragrances:

Perfume for Aries women:

FM 10, FM 25, FM 33, FM 283, FM 292, FM 296, FM 360, FM 416, FM 420

Perfume for Aries men:

FM 57, FM 93, FM 134, FM 452

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