How to Dye your Hair with Coffee


I recently came across this article by the Beautytips4her website, and had to share with you all.

A Few Notes: To Whom This Method is Suitable for
① I have naturally dark hair and this is why I benefit from the coffee method. It makes browns softer and more vibrant.

② Recommended only for hair that is its natural color (“virgin” hair) or has been colored only with natural vegetable dyes or pure, natural products such as 100% pure henna or herbs.

③ Ladies that have blond hair should attempt another hair color procedure. Coffee dye will also be UNSUITABLE if you have completely white or very gray hair. Try something a bit stronger first and you can rely on coffee to touch up the color every now and then.

④ If you have stray grays (from roots), you’ll want to do this two or three days in a row to get full coverage initially.

⑤ Mixing this with henna would probably work amazingly well too, and probably help the color to last longer.

⑥ This method of coloring your hair is suitable for pregnant ladies. To decrease all kinds of risks for your baby, you should simply use decaffeinated coffee. You will enjoy the results without worrying about the chemicals contained in commercial hair dyes.

Ingredients You will Need

This easy DIY home remedy will also help to cover stray grays and peek-a-boo light roots. If you’re a natural-born brunette, you might notice your hair getting mousy over time. There are two essential ingredients you will need to dye your hair this way.① Coffee is obviously the most important ingredient. You will need 3 to 4 tablespoons of instant coffee (depending on the length of your hair). You can go for the organic variety and you can also pick decaffeinated coffee, if this possibility sounds better.

② You will also need 1/2 cup of conditioner (or you can use plain yogurt).
You can go for the one that you use on a regular basis and that is right for your hair. I used a conditioner for damaged hair, the same one I apply when I shower.

Mix the two ingredients together. All of the coffee should be dissolved before you begin the process.

How to Dye Your Hair
You will need a dark towel to keep your skin and your clothes dye-free. Use a brush or your fingers to spread the coffee and conditioner from the roots to the tips of your hair.

I personally prefer applying the dye with my fingers. I have long hair and this application method enables better control. You simply need to make sure that your hair is evenly coated with the dye, regardless of the application method that you choose.

① This is it! Comb through. Style your hair into a bun if possible, and cover with a shower cap or plastic wrap to prevent drips.
② Let the coffee penetrate each hair for approximately one hour. If you want to get a darker tone, you can extend the duration of the procedure.
③ Once you feel like you are done, you will simply need to rinse (but don’t wash) the conditioner and the coffee off.

④ Continue rinsing your hair until the water starts running clear. This is an indicator you can get out of the shower and style your hair in any way that you like.

⑤ The first time you do this, you’ll probably want to do it two or three days in a row (if you have to cover stray greys and peek-a-boo light roots.)

Top Tip Try using the freshly brewed coffee instead of instant coffee which I normally used. The freshly brewed coffee is more strong and can enhance your dark hair just as easily — and just as naturally.


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