Fragrance Guide..


We truly have something for everybody.

Here is the Fragrance Guide that may also help you in suggesting the perfect fragrance for your customer.

Charming fragrances, perfect for work. These blends of style and a touch of lightness will make you feel comfortable and feminine.
Pure: 07, 98
Luxury Collection: 147, 321
Highly delightful fragrances indispensable in the moments when youwant to make an electrifying impression. Charm everyone with your scent! Be remembered!
Pure: 25, 417, 422, 432
Classic Collection: 239
Luxury Collection: 291, 360
Mild scents for women who want to be closer to nature. Light, fresh and very subtle. Perfect for casual occasions, work or simply taking a stroll.
Pure: 81, 419, 701
Luxury Collection: 354
Adventurous fragrances which intrigue with their ambiguity. They combine elegance with a touch of extravagance. Designed for women, who boldly go against the crowd and lead creative careers. With a bit of confidence you can wear them anytime and anywhere.
Pure: 24, 32, 429
Luxury Collection: 192, 359, 364
Utique: Muffin
Timeless scents with notes which never go out of style. They can be used every day, though some women prefer them for special occasions.
Pure: 21, 132, 428
Classic Collection: 241
Luxury Collection: 162, 322, 358
A discrete invitation to flirt seductively. Not everything needs to be said – sometimes the right scent is enough.
Pure: 10, 18, 421, 434, 437
Luxury Collection: 142, 319, 352, 366
Utique: Ruby
Fragrances for women who like to take life on and fearlessly take new challenges. Perfect for both wild parties and everyday socializing.
Pure: 97
Classic Collection: 237
Utique: Flamingo
Passionate and floral fragrances which set the mood. For women familiar with romance. They inspire dreams and spontaneuos actions. Great for romantic evenings for two.
Pure: 23, 174, 416, 427
Luxury Collection: 141, 320, 323
The intense emotions, provided by these scents, give every woman a chance to feel exceptionally sexy! Perfect choice for an evening.
Pure: 17, 183, 426, 431, 702
Luxury Collection: 286, 297, 318, 356
Utique: Gold
Delightfully sweet, very youthful perfumes. Fancy, slightly capricious, yet full of charm. Indulge in a moment of careless pleasure! Perfect for a first date or party.
Pure: 16, 20, 26, 80, 263, 413
Luxury Collection: 146, 281, 283, 353
Stylish fragrances that cast the charm of elegance and irresistible perfection. Harmoniously developing a buquet of aromas that will dazzle even the most demanding and successful woman.
Pure: 34, 257, 414, 418, 430, 433
Luxury Collection: 313, 365
Light, refreshing, shimmering fragrances will take you away with their freshness and liveliness. Excellent choice for a steadfast optimist and an energetic woman.
Pure: 06, 33, 435, 700
Luxury Collection: 292, 298, 361
Fragrances for women who want to create an atmosphere of mystery. They like to surprise and be surprised. A perfect accessory to an evening outfit.
Pure: 01, 09, 101, 173, 180, 425
Luxury Collection: 287, 357, 363
Sensual, hot fragrances which take you to the world of unforgettable sensations. They seduce and tempt you with their uncompromising and rich fragrance notes. They’re the quintessence of femeninity. Particularly recommended for an evening out.
Pure: 05, 12, 177, 420, 423, 436
Luxury Collection: 149, 317, 351, 355, 362, 367
Utique: Black
Pleasant aromas, charming with perfectly matched fragrance notes. Excellent for every day work and business meetings. Guarantee to leave a good impression!
Pure: 54, 55, 465
Luxury Collection: 151, 302, 335
Refined and distinguished scents, suitable for situations where you need to demonstrate class. Balanced, elegant, timeless. For the gentleman in you.
Pure: 57, 64, 472
Luxury Collection: 152, 195, 199, 328
Utique: Black
Casual fragrances that surprise you with their lightness! Gently refreshing. Perfect for every day.
Pure: 93, 134, 135
Luxury Collection: 160, 169, 334
Unique, slightly extravagant fragrances which guarantee fun. Discover your party scents. Let the imagination go wild!
Pure: 52, 224, 464, 466, 471
Luxury Collection: 326
A huge dose of positive energy and indescribable freshness. Energising citrus notes will inspire you to take on new challenges, especially in sports.
Pure: 43, 452, 457, 467
Luxury Collection: 300, 332
A line for men who know what they want and boldly pursue it. These seductive fragrances underline confidence and a desire fornewexperiences.Evoke intense emotions and delight in women.
Pure: 110, 460, 462, 469, 473
Luxury Collection: 325, 329, 331, 333
Utique: Ruby
Surprising combinations. Exceptional experiences. This line of fragrances is made for individuals who have their own opinion and appreciate originality.
Pure: 56, 463, 470, 474
Luxury Collection: 198, 301, 327, 336
Utique: Gold

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